5 reasons your startup needs an insurance broker

3 July 2017

    Startups continue to come to the fore this year, bringing revolutionary ideas and solutions that have never been tried or seen before. It’s an exciting time, especially for those people founding and managing startups, as the possibilities seem endless! But the unique nature of startups offers some challenges – and one of those […]

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Why insurance is important for Gen Y entrepreneurs who are reshaping Australian business through revolutionary startups

7 March 2017

  Gen Y entrepreneurs are reshaping Australian business through revolutionary startups     Entrepreneurs aged 25 to 34 have been leading the way in establishing revolutionary startups in Australia. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures amplify Gen Y’s eagerness to reshape business, showing that new company registrations from this age group have been booming since 2014. […]

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I just started up – Do I really need Insurance? I’m not even making money yet

9 February 2017

You need to protect yourself and your startup against the unexpected. That’s why it’s important to get the right insurance in place, even if your startup hasn’t made a cent yet! Some types of insurance are required by law; others may be required by contracts. But, on top of that, it’s a sensible business decision […]

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What questions should I be asking my insurance broker?

15 December 2016

As you are beginning the life cycle of your startup, you want to be spending as much time as possible on developing strategies for its growth and development opportunities and not worrying about your ever important insurance needs. Two words to solve this concern… Insurance broker Your insurance broker effectively becomes the expert of all […]

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