Professional Indemnity Insurance explained: Why do I need it?

9 August 2017

    If your startup involves giving professional advice or consulting services to clients, you need to look at Professional Indemnity Insurance. You should protect your startup and the people working within it against claims that may arise; this could involve alleged negligence or breach of duty that might arise from an act, error or […]

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Managing your risks

27 July 2017

  What is a risk? In the context of startups, a risk is an event that has the chance of causing damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence to your startup. Identifying the unique risks of your startup and ensuring they are covered adequately with a thorough risk management model is paramount to […]

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Key cyber insurance considerations for startups

11 July 2017

    What’s my cyber risk? Startups tend to be less concerned about their technology/cyber risks than their publicly traded counterparts. How is this possible?  It may be due primarily to a limited understanding of the scope of risks that they face. According to the Verizon Data Breach Report, approximately 61% of data breach victims […]

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I’m establishing a startup. What insurance do I need?

11 May 2017

  The type of insurance you require will depend on what your startup is trying to achieve, as well as a range of other considerations. A key question you need to ask yourself is the value you place on transferring some risk to an insurer. Let’s give an example. Say you’re a financial consultant; you […]

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